Drew Davidsen - Videos

Drew Davidsen - Around (Again) @ Jazzclub Rorschac
Drew Davidsen -- Guitars
Marc Leymann -- Saxophone
Lutz Deterra -- Keys
Günter Asbeck -- Bass
Andy Pilger -- Drums
Drew Davidsen Promo
Drew Davidsen turned out to be one of the absolute best “finds” the JazzTrax Festival has landed in recent memory. ..Davidsen not only put forth an amazing live show, displaying a rabid guitar and pure enthusiasm, but he turned into the perfect lead-on for George Duke. Audience response was that it was a ‘perfect island match-up’ with hopefully much more to follow from drew Davidsen in future years. Drew showed he was not only good enough, but a sure bet for other festivals to follow in putting this young guitarist on stages across America - Art Good, Producer, Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival

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