David P. Stevens - Videos

David P Stevens plays jujack Hustle live
David P Stevens playing Jujack hustle live, with Change Of Pace
David P Stevens Love is still in style solo
Dave soloing during "Love Is Still In Style" from his album "The Shedd", Live @ The firehouse Cafe, NJ Dev Patterson (keys) Ryan Young (Drums), Sean Flemming, (Percussion), Lee Patterson (Bass)
David P Stevens soloing on Maputo
David P Stevens Live @ the Firehouse Cafe, soloing on Maputo!!! Featured by Change Of Pace! Deveron Patterson (keys) Lee Patterson (Bass), Ryan Young (Drums) Sean Flemming (percussion)
David P Stevens playing Tutu live
Dave Stevens displaying his fusion jazz side on Tutu! Live @ the firehouse Cafe with Change Of Pace! Lee Patterson (Bass) Deveron Patterson (Keys) Ryan Youn (Drums) Sean Flemming (Percussion)
David P Stevens plays "Circa 1993" live
Watch David P Stevens and Deveron Patterson have a jazz conversation on "Circa 1993" They lose it at a certain pont, and go Totally Left!!!
David P Stevens playing NYLA Groovin' live
David P Stevens live at the Firehouse Cafe, with Change Of Pace, playing NYLA GROOVIN!!! Deveron patterson (keys) Lee patterson( Bass) Ryan Young (Drums) Sean Flemming (Percussion)

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