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George Benson
George Benson (USA) - guitar                    

George Benson made his first public appearance at eight, singing,dancing and playing ukelele! By the age of 21, Benson had worked with organist Jack McDuff, Herbie Hancock and Wes Montgommery, and had firmly established himself as a reputable jazz guitarist. He produced his first album as leader in 1964 and has gone on to produce an astonishing discography of over 30 recordings. In late 60's he joined forces with producer Creed Taylor at A&M, later the CTI label from 71 75. During this period, Benson was still best known as a jazz instrumentalist, yet his love of R&B, pop and rock became evident as he began to incorporate it into his recordings. "Breezin" (1976) became a worldwide success and was the first jazz album to achieve platinum sales and soared to #1 in the US pop charts. In 1976 Benson discovered Earl Klugh and they on to record one of Benson favorite sessions "The Collaboration". Benson's late 70's and 80's recordings were more vocal based, including "On Broadway", "Give Me The Night" and "Turn Your Love Around". Throughout his career Benson has embraced everything from straight-ahead jazz to contemporary jazz and R&B/pop vocals. He is one of a handful of artists who have achieved major critical and commercial success in different genres and this pedigree makes him one of the most respected performers of the past 30 years.

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