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Vann Burchfield
Vann Burchfield (USA) - saxophone                              

In February 2000, Vann set a new Guinness world record for circular breathing, holding one continuous note for 47 minutes, 6 seconds, surpassing Kenny Gís record of 45 minutes, 47 seconds. Vann realizes that his gifts come from God, and he gives Him all the glory. August 2001 Vann won first place at GMAís seminar in the Rockies at Estes Park, Colorado for the national Solo Instrumental Artist competition. Vann has had the honor of performing at the White House for their Annual Holiday Open House during the Christmas season for the past four years. Vann was also privileged to entertain guests of Alabama's Governor Bob Riley at a Christmas party at the Governorís Mansion in Montgomery, Alabama. Vann and his wife Teresa have traveled all over the world performing and sharing their talents. Teresa is a gifted singer and songwriter.

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