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Linny Nance
Linny Nance (USA) - keyboards                              

Linny began his professional career playing keys with Little Joe Blue; Since then, he has shared the stage and/or studio with Lucky Peterson, Yarborough and Peoples, James Ingram (on a Patti LaBelle tour), Breggett Rideau, Tutu Jones, Pamela Williams, Tom Braxton, Bernard Wright, Bobby Sparks and a variety of other talented acts. Linny has played all over Europe, Japan, Canada, and the Caribbean: his performance credits include the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Jazzhaus, the Montreal Jazz festival. As a professional musician, Linny Nance works out of his Dallas studio, writing, composing and producing for R&B groups, jazz, rap and gospel artists. Also freelancing, Linny plays keys on recording sessions for other acts. Recently, Linny did showcase his talent in "The look of Love" & "Elixir", albums of Saxtress Pamela Williams; also in Tamara Peterson's first solo release. Last but not least, Linny Nance leads his own band, Network.

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