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Matt Bianco
Matt Bianco (United Kingdom) - group                    

Matt Bianco was formed by the late Kito Poncioni (bass), Mark Reilly (vocals) and Danny White (keyboards) in 1982, from the remnants of the abandoned Blue Rondo A La Turk. For their first album "Whose Side Are You On?" they hired unknown polish vocalist Basia Trzetrzelewska. Her vocal arrangements gave the album a jazzy dimension that Reilly and White couldn't anticipate, and hits like "Get Out of Your Lazy Bed" and "Half a Minute" turned Matt Bianco into one of the biggest acts of 1984 in Europe. The band name suggests that Matt Bianco is a personal name, but Matt is "a made up spy, a secret agent; we loved spy TV themes and film scores." Basia and Danny White left the group after the first album. Mark Reilly found ex-Wham keyboarder Mark Fisher and recorded the self titled "Matt Bianco" album. Their rendition of Georgie Fame's "Yeh Yeh" received a European music award as Best Single of 1985 and was followed by a big European tour. Mark Reilly and Mark Fisher are back once again as a duo and have recorded a new album, entitled "Hi Fi Bossanova". 2009 has seen them perform in Europe, Japan and SE Asia and with the new album the band have secured a contract with Edel (Ear Music) in Europe and continued their cooperation with JVC-Victor in Japan. The album will be their first studio album together in 5 years, the first release in the UK since 2001 and is available on 14 September 2009.

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