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Drew Davidsen
Drew Davidsen (USA) - guitar                              

Drew Davidsen - six string king... sees his life through his guitar.
From Charm City (Baltimore), voted one of top 10 best new guitar players - Guitar Player Magazine, continuing in the tradition started by Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt, he embodies the fact that the guitar can be a lead voice, even the leader of the band.
On Drew’s latest album, TRUE DREW, he worked with some of the best producers, musicians and engineers in the industry to present a truly mind-blowing musical feast.
This 5th CD featuring Ron Tyson, Bobby Lyle, Eric Marienthal, Bob Baldwin, Gerald Veasley and more is sure to burn up the airwaves. While Drew Davidsen is the six string king, this album features some killer licks from his 88 string friends, Bobby Lyle, Bob Baldwin, Pat Coil, Alan Blackman and Eric Copeland!
An award winning jazz guitarist, Drew has released 5 chart topping instrumental albums in 6 years. Born in Towson, MD and trained classically on cello at Baltimore's Peabody Institute, Drew Davidsen also served in the US Navy in Desert Storm. A former preschool music teacher, he has a passion for educating the next generation of musicians and regularly gives his time to various cartable causes.

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