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Chris Godber
Chris Godber (USA) - saxophone                              

Chris Godber has been a saxophonist from the beginning. He started playing at the age of 12 and began writing his own songs about the time he finished high school. Chris spent some time overseas as a child while his dad was in the Air Force. While in Germany, he spent much of his time in the house listening to music, and it became a central part of his life. At the time, it was Kenny G's mastery of the soprano sax that captivated his interest, and upon his return to the States, Chris took up the alto sax as he entered middle school. He had asthma, however, and doctors warned him that he should not take up the sax because it could further affect his respiratory condition. He fought through it, though, and rather than aggravating his asthma, the extra effort helped strengthen his lungs. Now Chris captivates audiences all over sharing his unique smooth jazz sound and testimony of God’s grace. He’s been performing throughout the USA for the past 5 years and just released his third album, “One Breath at a Time” and it’s getting some well deserved attention. His fans are labeling him as very “Boney James / Kenny G-like but with a message of hope and inspiration.”

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