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Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones (Australia) - bass                              

There's a reason why you don't hear so many solo albums by bass players ... and no ... I'm not about to launch into an onslaught of bass player jokes. The real reason, and any musician will know this ... is because only the very best bass players can be technically skilled and creatively inclined enough to pull it off. On his 2006 debut release 'Forgotten Melody', Melbourne bass great Wayne Jones proved to all he's one of the rare few who can deliver an album full of beautifully constructed musical storylines featuring the bass as the central character. Proving he's no one trick pony, Jones has done it again. Merely three years after his first solo effort, Wayne Jones offers us 'Saturday Street', another rich slice of sophisticated jazz flavoured pie. I heartily recommend a gentle stroll down Wayne Jones' 'Saturday Street' in the company of someone you love.
Greg Phillips, Editor Australian Musician magazine. April 2009

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