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Jeanette Harris
Jeanette Harris (USA) - saxophone                              

Jeanette started playing the saxophone at the age of ten. She connected with the sax right away and soon realized that people enjoyed hearing her play. After high school, Jeanette went to the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston where she graduated with a Bachelor in music performance. She has been rockiní the stage ever since. In 2005, Jeanette was recognized as a "Shooting Star" and nominated for "Best Jazz Instrumentalist" by the L.A Black Music Awards. She's had the privilege of opening for and performing with big named artist including The Rippingtons, Kirk Whalum, Veretta Hathaway, Paul Jackson Jr., Phil Perry, Howard Huit, Denise Williams, and Pieces Of a Dream to name a few. She's played in big jazz festivals all over the United States and performed in Japan for the first time in 2008. Jeanette was the executive producer and songwriter on her first CD "Reflections" and is currently producing her second CD "Saxafied". Her live shows are full of high energy solos and mesmerizing soulful melodies that leaves the audience wanting more!

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