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Cynthia Layne
Cynthia Layne (USA) - vocals                    

Midwesterner Cynthia Layne has loved live music since the moment she attended her first concert at the tender age of seven. Since then, live music has become a regular part of her life with both the general public and media impressed by her performances. Layne has her own following in Indianapolis, where she has made her home for many years after growing up in Dayton, Ohio. Now she is poised for national attention with the release of Beautiful Soul, an album showcasing her vocal stylings in both the R&B and jazz arenas. Her previous album, Reality, was a jazz-flavored set. Both records are on "Indy-based" Owl Studios. The independent, artist-friendly label discovered Cynthia through her mentor/producer/fellow musician and friend Rob Dixon. Both have performed together regularly over the years and continue to do so in Indianapolis. Beautiful Soul was co-produced and co-composed by Dixon, a respected musician born in Baltimore and raised in Atlanta. He has toured all over the world. Layne's band members include Dixon on saxophone, Beautiful Soul co-producer/co-composer Reggie Bishop on piano, keyboards/keyboard bass along with Kenny Phelps on drums. Both Bishop and Phelps are Indianapolis-born. Beautiful Soul is more R&B-influenced than her previous release Reality. "I listen to a lot of music styles and grew up on R&B music," said Cynthia. "I wanted to do an R&B album to reach more audiences and listeners. I think there is a little something for everyone on the album. For example, "All I Need" has a more singer/songwriter vibe; "I Can't Change You" is more jazz; "Be You" is more neo-soulish and "Free Yourself" is plain old school funk."

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