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J.P. Delaire
J.P. Delaire (USA) - vocals                    

Singer and saxophone player J.P. (Jason Peterson) DeLaire is a member of the well-known musical "Peterson Family" of Minneapolis, MN. A master of both keyboards and saxophone, DeLaire also writes and performs his own music and lyrics. "Singing for me is my most natural attribute. I've made my living as a sideman for all these years and I felt it was time for me to step out front with my own voice," said DeLaire. DeLaire's uncle, St. Paul Peterson, starred in the movie Purple Rain, as a member of The Time, and later went on to be the lead singer of The Family. When DeLaire saw Purple Rain, he was inspired to follow his dreams and pursue a musical career. A graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he studied film score and musical harmony, DeLaire has also extended his impressive artistic reach into the field of acting. He has several projects in the works. Fresh from returning from a European tour with Michael Bolton, soul-meister J.P. DeLaire releases the funk-fortified "Last Call" to radio from the "In My Life" cd.

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