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Daniel Domenge
Daniel Domenge (France) - guitar                    

Daniel has been a professional musician for approximately 20 years. He has played on stage in France (Languedoc-Roussillon) with a lot of bands in differents kinds of music and has recorded jingles for national and local radio stations as well as writing the arrangements for them. Three years ago he decided to work on his first release "Patchwork" in his home studio. When he had written the lyrics and finished the arrangements he began to word seriously with his engineer friend, Reynald Evrard from his studio. He called other musician friends to record the keyboards and drums. Emmanuel Beer (Organik Trio) played Fender Rhodes piano and Hammond B3 organ, Thierry Gautier (Thierry Gautier Trio) played organ solo on the "Influences" track and Bruno Monard features on drum programming loops. Afterwards they recorded definitive guitars. For this album Daniel wanted to mix old sounds like Rhodes piano, Hammond keyboards and "wha-wha guitars" with some contemporary current sounds, sometimes he used voices on the melody. He was delighted to collaborate with Reynald Evrard, his input was very important for Daniel. His new album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Reynald and produced by Daniel. He is looking forward to working together with Reynald for the next project as well. Daniels' influence - he listened to a lot of jazz guitarists like Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Jimmy Bruno and many others and of course, George Benson. He is also inspired by Chuck Loeb, Robben Ford, Paul Jackson Jr. and Steve Laury.

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