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Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson (USA) - keyboards                              

Jazz keyboardist, composer and producer Marcus Johnson got his start more than a decade ago. While studying at Georgetown University, he independently produced his first album, "Lessons in Love" (1996). This album helped him launch his career as a renowned jazz musician and chief executive of Marimelj Entertainment Group LLC (MEG). BET founder Robert L. Johnson invested in MEG and became Marcus' business partner. Under this partnership, MEG's label Three Keys Music established its own full-service recording studio, Studio 8121; and two music publishing companies, Marimelj Music Publishing and Three Keys Music Publishing. Johnson's eagerly anticipated upcoming release is his most unique and multifaceted album yet, "Poetically Justified" (June 2009) promises to deliver 14 unique tracks that each feature a taste of Johnson's signature sound, combining acoustic and electronic sets. Johnson's most recent project was the groundbreaking Billboard Top 5 Contemporary Jazz FLO series, which consisted of three distinct albums "FLO: Chill", "FLO: Romance" and "FLO: Standards" released simultaneously in September 2008.

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