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Terri Brinegar
Terri Brinegar (USA) - vocals                              

Soulful, Inspiring, Passionate, Beautiful these words describe the songwriting and singing talent of Terri Brinegar. Since her relocation to Nashville, Tennessee, Terri has been writing music of diverse influences, from Jazz to R&B to Adult Contemporary. Her melodies are never predictable, her words are inspiring, and the music is soulful and rich in texture. Terri likes to write with a definite groove in her songs, but feels that the melody is the most important part of the song. An accomplished musician who grew up playing a variety of instruments, Terri graduated with a degree in Classical voice and even attended The Juilliard School of Music in New York City. She is a seasoned professional with years of stage experience from her years of performing in the Los Angeles Blues circuit. Her voice has been described as "a weapon of great caliber for minds and hearts" and "one of the strongest on the scene". Terri has two CD's of all-original material to her credit, soon to release a third.

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