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Douyé (USA) - vocals                    

Douyé is a Nigerian born, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter with a pure and sensual, jazzy voice. Influenced by Peggy Lee, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Sade and others, Douyé began singing in church at the age of seven. Soon she started to express her emotions in poetry, which led her to develop as a compelling songwriter. After travelling to Europe, she later immigrated to the United States where she studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. After graduating, Douyé continued singing, songwriting and performing at clubs throughout Los Angeles. With producer Terry Shaddick, Douyé worked on her debut album "Journey". The title is a perfect reflection of Douyé's musical and life experiences leading up to her exciting emergence as an independent singer/songwriter. To this day, she complements her music making with deep passions for writing poetry and collecting primitive art.

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