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Everett B. Walters
Everett B. Walters (USA) - group                              

Guitarist, Michael Everett Brown and Bassist, Harold Walter Brown III, the two brothers from the south side of Chicago are the founders and driving force behind the jazz/funk group Everett B. Walters. Their funky, smooth and danceable rhythms make for an outstanding live show and those same fresh grooves are carried throughout their album "Always High Reaching" which features Keyboardist, Brian Simpson on the title track.
"Always High Reaching" is a stellar recording with a host of talented musicians including Shawn Rivera (Az-yet), Alexx Daye, Mike White-drums, Alex Alessondroni-keyboards, Alex Al-bass, Simone Sello-Guitar and Leo Crowe-Guitar. The track "And The Story Goes" was a popular European single on JAZZ FM double CD compilation, The Very Best of Smooth Jazz. After hearing this track on the compilation CD, Brian Simpson decided to cover it on his hit Smooth Jazz album, "It's All Good". Everett B. Walters supports American Diabetes Association, a cause that is near and dear to their hearts because of their family's personal experience with the disease.

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