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Mezzoforte (Iceland) - group                                        

30 years on, Mezzoforte seem on a great roll. Still fresh-faced, creative and vibrant. After all they were only teenagers when they created Iceland's first international chart-hit, Garden Party in 1983. This well crafted instrumental paved the way, allowing musical ideas to flow, develop and mature and making sure their overnight success should not be just a one-night stand. Mezzoforte has visited 40 countries and released 11 albums. The year 2009 will see their 12th album followed by tours of European and Asian continents as well as their brand new collection of works on DVD distributed worldwide.
With original founders Eythor Gunnarsson (keyboards), Gulli Briem (drums) and Johann Asmundsson (bass), the guitar chores are now shared between Bruno Mueller and original guitarist Fridrik Karlsson. Other teammates include Oskar Gudjonsson (sax), Sebastian Studnitzky (keyboards/ trumpet) and Thomas Dyani (percussion). This line-up recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of Garden Party with an open-air concert in Reykjavik.
While Mezzoforte is truly based on solid musical pillars, the group keeps refreshing and reinventing itself by constantly revelling in new concepts which typically lead to imaginative new global & musical adventures.

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