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Anthony James Baker
Anthony James Baker (United Kingdom) - guitar                              

British born Anthony James Baker has worked with a host of international stars on both sides of the Atlantic - from the chart topping Swiss band "Magic Power" to playing with members of "Tears for Fears" and "Big Country" in the 1980's. Now back in the U.K. having recently returned from Colorado USA, where he performed at many venues, including the 2003 JVC Winter Park Jazz Festival, sharing the stage with Michael McDonald, Norman Brown, Ramsey Lewis and many other Jazz greats. Anthony also appeared at the Genuine Jazz Festival in Breckenridge, and other Jazz Festivals in the USA. His melodic instrumental music is featured on National Radio and T.V. in the USA, and is available for download on many digital sites, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. Anthony's debut album features dynamic Saxman, Nelson Rangell on several tracks, notably the groove driven "Salamander" and the rhythmic "Razzbake". Anthony's upcoming CD features some exciting new material produced by friend and Hit producer Darren Rahn.

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