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Nick Colionne
Nick Colionne (USA) - guitar                              

Nick Colionne, guitarist and vocalist extraordinaire, is an urban jazz star rising to the top - his soulful, funky sound is a mainstay on radio and his concert performances are remarkable due to his incredible energy and charisma. You are likely to hear jazz, R&B, blues and funk with a generous dose of his rich baritone vocals during his shows, which have an energy level and vibe unique to Nick and his charismatic style. The winner of the International Instrumental Artist of the Year Award in 2007 at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, Colionne's busy tour schedule keeps him in front of audiences every week, and he loves it. His latest cd on Koch Records is entitled No Limits, and that's how Nick feels about his music and his career - there are no boundaries for this talented artist!

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