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Mango Machine
Mango Machine (Finland) - group                              

Mango Machine was founded in 1986 in Kokkola, Finland, when a group of young players got together to play fusion jazz, a style of music that was not so popular at that time in Finland. Their influences comprised of musicians and bands like Chick Corea, Mezzoforte, Yellowjackets, Koinonia and the Rippingtons. In the early 1990's they took part in many major jazz-festivals in Finland, such as Kainuun Jazzkevšt, Pori Jazz and Kaamosjazz (several times). They also played a warm-up gig for Tomas Ledin in Kokkola, which was also broadcast on TV. In 1992 the band played its last concert, after that families, work and studies put the band on hold. 10 years later, in the summer of 2006, they decided to put the band together again and added a couple of new players. Their first CD "Restart" is now ready and available. Mango Machine's repertoire consists of both original songs and cover tunes.

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