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Leee John
Leee John (United Kingdom) - vocals                              

Since bursting on to the music scene in 1981 with his soul, funk group Imagination, singer Leee John has achieved that rare distinction of longevity and high profile in the fast changing and variable world of popular music. 2005 marks the coming of age for Leee John, releasing his long awaited solo album "Feel My Soul". The album gives you Leee in a Soul-Jazz mode with original songs penned and produced by Leee alongside classic standards with modern arrangements. Co-produced by Eric Debeurge, Francois Gaucher and musical arrangements by Leee John. Leee John has worked during his career with producers and musicians including Preston Glass, Ron Kersey, Robert Kraft, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, David Morales, Mark Kaymens and Mike Pickering. Leee's writing credits include Maxi Priest, Byron Stingley, Club 69, Jane Boisdur, Pete Hunnigale, Alison Limerick and Ultimate Chaos. Leee has also written, recorded and produced with Nick Martinelli and Arthur Baker. Leee has grown up first hand in the entertainment industry and now invites you to join him in a new era. The Soul-Jazz world of Feel My Soul.

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