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Shakatak (United Kingdom) - group                    

Shakatak have enjoyed a level of success and career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary music-but then Shakatak is a particularly unusual group. After a number of successful top-twenty singles in the UK, the band went on to score unprecedented international success with the release of the classic "Nightbirds" recording, and the title track has now become a standard in the popular music repertoire. This sucess was repeated with the top-ten hit "Down on the Street". Along with this successful recording career, Shakatak had firmly established themselves as a vibrant live act, combining astute musicianship with a sense of fun that communicated strongly with world-wide audiences. Besides their performance in Japan's Budoken Hall, other live concerts of note have been the East meets the West Border Concert at the time of German re-unificationin 1989 and the open air concert in Cape Town for the Millennium Celebrations 2000 where they played in front of 250,000 people. Shakatak perform regularly in the UK, Europe and the Far East and release CD's almost annually. There are also DVD releases available, proving there is still an insatiable demand for the unique Shakatak sound.

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