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Delton Walker
Delton Walker (USA) - saxophone                    

If Delton "D" Walker seems right at home blowing sax for the audience, it's because he is. "D" feeds off of the crowd's energy, and gives back a passionate piece from his soul. At only nine years of age, "D" started playing drums, and then soon added piano, trumpet, and guitar. He picked up the sax while stationed in Germany. After returning to his native New York he has worked on commercials for Remy Martin, Newport, and American Express. This versatile musician can also be spotted in various movies or TV shows, like Law & Order. His debut album, "Just Let Me Loose" has captured airplay at some of the hottest radio shows across the USA. Delton was recently voted the #1 artist on the Smooth Atlanta ( station; an impressive feat for an independent musician. Over the past few years, "D" played artists with such as: Marion Meadows, Mr. Wiley Dupont, Tony Hayes, Jam Port Authority band, Anthony Dixon, and the late sax legend, Nate Wiley.

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