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Roger Odell
Roger Odell (United Kingdom) - drums                              

My earliest experience as a drummer was playing in various modern jazz groups and then I turned fully professional with the group CMU releasing two albums on the Transatlantic label. I then joined Northern Lights which included the singer Tina Charles and later Shakatak's Jill Saward. We played residences in various London venues and I began to get calls for session work. During this time I formed the band Tracks which included Bill Sharpe, Keith Winter and Trevor Horn, who later became a well known Producer. I introduced Bill to another Producer (Nigel Wright - later a Musical Director for X-Factor and Andrew Lloyd Weber) and this led to the formation of Shakatak with the addition of Keith, Jill Saward, Jackie Rawe and later, George Anderson. As well as recording and touring with Shakatak on a regular basis I formed the recording group Beatifik and in 2000 we released a CD "The Blue Window" which featured Jackie Hicks, Mornington Lockett, my wife Larraine and our son Jamie Odell. The second Beatifik CD "Intrigue" was recorded during 2014/15 and features the same personnel with the addition of Keith Winter. This is available on Secret Records.

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