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Chuck Loeb
Chuck Loeb (USA) - guitar                                        

Jazz guitar player, composer, arranger and producer Chuck Loeb has a career that spans four decades. Starting at the age of 11, self taught Loeb was exposed to jazz and he decided that he would need to study music formally. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1976. Chuck Loeb became a sideman with Chico Hamilton, Ray Barreto, Hubert Laws and various others. From 1979 being a member of Stan Getz's group, and the composer of much of the band's repertoire, he had the chance to tour the globe and perform at many jazz festivals, clubs and concert halls. After leaving the Getz ensemble, Loeb began a career as a studio musician, recording, composing and producing albums, soundtracks, television show themes and jingles. In 1985, Loeb joined the group Steps Ahead with Michael Brecker, Michael Mainieri, Peter Erskine and Victor Bailey, returning to the festivals and stages of the jazz world. From 1988, he started to record solo albums. After four releases on DMP, Loeb left to sign with the jazz label Shanachie. Concurrent with his solo career, Loeb also recorded with jazz combo Metro (Mitch Forman, Wolfgang Haffner Anthony Jackson, Victor Bailey and Mel Brown) and played with the Fantasy Band (John Lee, Lionel Cordew and others). After nine years and seven solo albums, Loeb left Shanachie and joined Heads Up with his 2006 release Presence. About that album Loeb said, "It never ceases to amaze me how, as soon as you put the live musicians into the equation, itís their presence that brings the thing to life."

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