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Seraph (Netherlands, The) - group                              

Seraph was established in 1994 by Marcel Zimmer, Eric Lagerstrom, Dave Sahanaja and Elisa Krijgsman. The band started in a tv-talkshow and has been developing ever since. Their first CD, titled ‘Tales of the unexpected’ was brought out in 1996 by Ecovata Record Company in Oisterwijk. This album consists of ten of their own compositions, with the saxofonist Tom Beek as a guest musician. Eric Lagerstrom (keys) left the band in 1997. Dennis Tielkes took his place. Some musicians such as Marcel Zimmer and Elisa Krijgsman more frequently occupied themselves with producing CD's, creating a possibility for the musicians to ‘jam’ together in spare time between productions. In fact, life was blown into Seraph again with the addition of musicians Mark Dekkers on bass guitar, and pianist/ saxophonist Christan Grotenbreg. This resulted in a new album release in 2005 titled ' Proskuneo '. Eight years after 'Proskuneo', Seraph released their 3rd album titled “Behind the scenes'. Christan Grotenbreg has left the band and Sjoerd Visser replaced him on saxophone. This album contains again ten of their own composition.

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