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Chris Standring
Chris Standring (USA) - guitar                              

British born guitarist Chris Standring's latest cd is called "Love & Paragraphs", sensual chill, ambient soul and retro-groove driven set of infectious pop jazz fashioned around his trademark hip-swaying guitar. Besides his musical partner, keyboardist Rodney Lee, on it there are also performances by Jeff Lorber and Everette Harp. Chris has also worked with Jody Watley, Gregg Karukas, Marc Antoine and Shilts. Chris Standring likes to start from scratch each time out and let the vibe of the project emerge spontaneously from the writing process. His 1998 debut as a solo artist with cd Velvet came at a time when Standring was into the ambient European phenomenon known as the "chill out movement". Chris Standring is also busy on an educational level: finding exciting ways to give young musicians some of his experience.

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