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Susan Jane
Susan Jane (Netherlands, The) - vocals                                        

Susan Jane follows her heart because the heart tells more than everything around her. With her soulful voice and acoustic guitar, she seeks for the truth. Her songs are about the desire to find the silence of the eye of the storm. Her selfwritten songs reveal the total spectrum of her personality, from fragile girl to powerful woman. Her fantastic voice guides the listener in her songs along the past, saying goodbye, feeling safe and growing up. About true love and the awareness that everything she needs is inside her. She just has to find it.
Het first album “Clarity Of Mind” is released in 2012. She recorded it with a variety of talented musicians like Arthur Bont (drums / percussion), Janos Koolen (guitar), Lucas Beukers (bass), Frank Montis (keyboards), Rory Ronde (guitaar), Matthijs Lievaart (violin), Morris Kliphuis (french horn), Kobi Arditi (trombone), Randell Heye (trumpet), Stan Haywood (clarinet), Jon Karthaus (vocals) en Leine (vocals).

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