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Jamhunters (Denmark) - group                    

The members of the duo Jamhunters are Peter Michael, keyboard and Lars Fabiansen, guitar. The repertoire consists of own compositions in a style that can be described as a unique mix of smooth jazz/lounge music mixed with pop- funk- and Latin-rhythms. On their three albums, only original material, they have been playing with star musicians as Chris Minh Doky (US/DK), Hans Ulrik(DK), Frank Senior (US), Moussa Diallo (Mali/DK) and Christina Boelskifte (DK). They have toured since 2006 in DK and US (NYC). The great interest from the American audience led to a visit to New York in November 2007 with live performances at the clubs Googie’s Lounge and Rockwood Music Hall. Again in 2008 JAMHUNTERS returned to New York, this time to performe at Shrien in Harleem and at the legendary jazz club Smalls in New York.

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