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Attila Molnar
Attila Molnar (USA) - keyboards                              

Since Attila Molnar's move from Budapest to Washington DC, the stature of this Hungarian born keyboardist, writer and producer has continued to rise. As an outstanding solo performer and acclaimed composer, Attila Molnar's talent is something special. Sometimes soulful, often funky but invariably jazzy, his music has been compared to the likes of Shakatak and Joe Sample, while he has been described as possessing “an elegant exuberance, with an echo of the past and a glimpse into the future”. Smooth jazz journalist Denis Poole commented that Molnar is “an accomplished writer and producer whose distinctive style of smooth jazz is replete with intoxicating rhythms and gorgeous melodies.” Attila has shared the stage with Jaared, Slim Man, Tim Bowman, U-Nam, Randy Scott and Marion Meadows, but it is as a solo artist that he is really garnering critical acclaim. In February 2010 Attila performed his own show to an enthusiastic audience at the Dubai International Jazz Festival. Attila's debut CD 'Dreams' was released in 2009 and he is currently working on a new album which has a more overtly 'smooth jazz' vibe. Featuring several guest artists, and original Molnar compositions, the album perfectly showcases the unique talents of Attila Molnar.

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