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Bickley Rivera
Bickley Rivera (USA) - steelpan                              

Chilled out fresh jazzy steelpan and sexy interludes with soothing vocals and accents of saxophone, flute and guitar are flavors of Bickley Rivera’s Nujazz music. Her music has said to cross the genre borders of historical island to smooth jazz, chill, electronic, ambient and lounge music. Performing in a number of pop and tropical bands as keyboardist and singer, she transitioned to Tenor Steel Pan to develop a new-style of music called TropJazz. She has released 8 CDs under various musical groups, but all related to World & Caribbean influences. Recently she crossed over with her new TropJazz-style to release album “Chillin’ After Five” with Levelblu Records. The album combines efforts of international-recording artists Praful, Ed Calle, Magrus Borges and others around the globe. Bickley’s music is noted as “ground-breaking” and something “no other steelpan musician is doing” as well as “magnetic magic”. Her “Chillin’ After Five” album is airing and selling in over 50 countries worldwide. She will be touring for the album in the fall.

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