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Peet Project
Peet Project (Hungary) - group                    

Founded by young musicians with writing and producing skills that defy their tender age, the Peet Project plays a seducing blend of jazz, pop and funk. The driving force in the group is violinist / composer / producer Peter "Peet" Ferencz who uses the violin as a lead instrument in an equivalent role to saxophones or keyboards. Peter started to learn classical violin at the age of 4 and was already playing for pop groups at 13. He was just 15 when he began to write and record hip-hop, r&b, house and pop songs in a small home studio. At high school, Peter teamed up with keyboarder Adam Lorincz with whom he wrote and recorded a series of compositions, of which the track Pink Spirit received regular airplay at Budapest’s leading smooth-jazz/lounge radio station 90.9 Jazzy. While working on their first album in 2009, they were joined by seasoned saxophone player and jazz educator Marci Mits and took up the band name "Peet Project". Be Free, the first track recorded with the new line-up was voted best new contemporary jazz song at 90.9 Jazzy in 2009 and was approved for heavy rotation immediately. Released in January 2010, the band's debut album, Pink Spirit, is quickly gaining attention from smooth jazz fans and industry professionals alike.

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