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Dave Panico
Dave Panico (USA) - saxophone                    

With emotional power and musical passion to spare, multi-talented saxophonist, flautist and composer Dave Panico-renowned by his thousands of fans as "The Soaring Saxman" breaks ground on a promising solo career, committing the contagious energy of his live performances to disc for the first time with a dynamic collection whose title says it all: Joy Rid'N. A smooth jazz, funk sound flavored with spices of life. Dave Panico, with saxophone in hand, will move you with a delectable combination of vibrations, tight rhythms and irresistible melodies. Once the first note is played, there is no denying the energy that permeates the room. Taking your senses to a new realm, Dave's distinctive music takes hold and truly reaches down to the very core of your soul. Having received Instrumental Artist of the Year Award at the 2007 Kansas City Christian Music Awards, Dave Panico is making a "sound" for himself. CCM magazine recognized the talents of Dave Panico and asked for his expertise with a unique article having him iterate about particular brand instruments that allow his sound to come out "smoothly". Dave Panico's music is rooted firmly in his faith, But while the tracks on the album convey his spiritual side, this never gets in the way of the high energy vibe that characterizes his playing. Consequently, Joy Rid'N is a recording that should appeal to both sacred and secular audiences alike.

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