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Bob Baldwin
Bob Baldwin (USA) - keyboards                                        

On the first cd's of Bob Baldwin, "Rejoice" (1990) and "Reflections of Love" (1992) featured Grover Washington Jr., Marion Meadows, Will Downing, and the late Noel Pointer. As a result of his success, Bob Baldwin performed nationwide in the USA and in Europe with vocalist Will Downing. "Cool Breeze" (1997) was his next cd. In 2000 he independently produced his cd "", his best sold CD to date. Bob Baldwin released several more cd's after that. Since 2000, Baldwin has been developing the New Urban Jazz Radio Format, which is at it's very early stages. NUJ fuses Urban Music with Contemporary Jazz in a way that only Baldwin can mix it up. It is the future of Contemporary Jazz. If he has it his way, Bob Baldwin will have his hands full with making, performing and sharing great music for years to come.

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