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Renato Falaschi
Renato Falaschi (France) - keyboards                    

Born and raised in Bari, Italy, Renato Falaschi was inspired by music he was exposed to as a child, and began playing the piano by ear at a very early age. He began formal piano studies at the age of eight at Bariís NiccolÚ Piccinni Conservatory of Music (Italy) and this he continued off and on into his teens, shifting to a focus on organ, guitar and arrangement and composition for big band of which he obtained his masters at the Jazz University in Terni. In 1990 he obtained a degree in classical piano at Enrico Duniís Conservatory of Music in Matera (Ba), Italy. Renato worked for RAI 1 Italy's no one-television network in 1985 where he remained for 5 years. Currently he lives in France where he has recorded many albums with different singers as a pianist and arranger. Renato has released his mini CD entitled Summer Rain like "prelude" to your upcoming album!

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