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Marty Q
Marty Q (USA) - saxophone                    

Marty Q, saxophonist / singer / songwriter has been on the music scene for only a few years and put out his first National Release titled "Table for 2". After Marty stamped his sweet soprano sax sound on "My Girl" on Shanachie Record's compilation CD titled "Smooth Jazz Plays Motown's Favorite Love Songs" Marty teamed up with the producer Chris "Big Dog" Davis to do his own project titled "Table For 2". A lush CD with a blend of angelic soprano sax tones and some very flavorful tenor expressions. Marty Q's live show is always satisfying because he plays alto, tenor and soprano sax live along with soulful vocals with a little edgeiness to it. Marty also appears on Vesta Williams CD "Distant Lover" (2007) with an alto sax solo on "Ooh Baby Baby" also on Shanachie Records Label. To date Marty Q has sold 24,000 CD's and downloads combined as an independent artist. "Only a few guys in the business play that sweet soft tone on soprano" - Chris "Big Dog" Davis - "Marty's tone is Superior" - Neil Reshen (former mgr. of Miles Davis).

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