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Dwayne Kerr
Dwayne Kerr (USA) - flute                              

His masterful mix of sounds and grooves is the memorable variable that makes flutist Dwayne Kerr, of the Erykah Badu Band a rising figure in contemporary music today. Playing an instrument that traditionally has been heard more often than seen, Kerr has put the flute up front on display with his unique playing style in his debut CD, Flutation (2003). His latest CD, Higher Calling, is a maturation of an artist that has evolved over several years in both the live setting and in the studio. While touring with Erykah, Dwayne has played in Africa, Italy, Japan, throughout Europe and Scandinavia, on the all-female artists Lilith Fair Tour and television appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MTV's Real World, The Oprah Show, Live! With Regis and BET Live. While touring and recording with Erykah Badu for the past several years, Dwayne added his sound to recordings including her version of the Chaka Khan hit, "Hollywood" which is on the soundtrack/CD to the Spike Lee movie, Bamboozled, and Erykah's song, "Today". Kerr played on Erykahís latest CD, Worldwide Underground, and her previous CD, Mamaís Gun, on Motown Records. Higher Calling features guest appearances by Erykah Badu and Kirk Whalum.

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