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Pieces of a Dream
Pieces of a Dream (USA) - group                    

Pieces of a Dream was formed in 1976 by keyboardist James Lloyd, drummer Curtis Harmon and former bassist Cedric Napoleon. The group based their name on Pieces of Dreams, a cover tune by Stanley Turrentine that the group performed. It was Grover Washington Jr., who helped Pieces of a Dream become the internationally known stars they are today. One day, while the teenagers were playing at the Bijou, he sat in with them to play "Mr. Magic." Soon Washington announced that he was starting a production company and that Pieces of a Dream would be his first act. Lloyd toured with Grover all over the world. From 1981 to 1984, Pieces of a Dream built their reputation with three albums on Elektra that would come to define the musical essence of the smooth jazz radio explosion: Pieces of a Dream, We Are One and Imagine This. In 2001, Pieces of a Dream signed with Heads Up International and celebrated their 25th anniversary with their best album in years, Acquainted with the Night. This release featured guitarist Ronny Jordan, vocalist Maysa Leak, and saxophonists Gerald Albright and Kenny Blake. Their April 2004 release, No Assembly Required, is another hit album in their long and illustrious career. "We will always be true to ourselves and our roots," says Lloyd, "and at the same time try to stay in touch with the times."

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