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Drivetime (USA) - group                              

Philadelphia has given us some brilliant music over the decades and thistight, contemporary jazz ensemble holds up to Philly’s solid reputation withtheir highly anticipated new release, California Dreamin’! The album revs upwith what the group calls Urban Organic Jazz… that is funky grooves andjazz-soaked, melodic originals, and delivers exciting new music, ranging fromsmooth to Latin to fusion to Tower of Power-like grooves, and even a splash ofchillout! California Dreamin’ sparks from cool collaborations between GeneTerramani, Bernie Capodici & Jimmy Dell’Orefice. Drivetime has been honingtheir craft and evolving into an important voice in the Global Smooth Jazzcommunity with the announcement of personnel changes to the line-up, Gene Terramani(Hotel Eden) on guitar and new energy provided by Mike Ruhl on bass, JJ Zelleron drums and 20-year-old sax sensation Shane Arnold promises to elevate andexcite even the most discriminate Smooth Jazz listener.

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