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George Anderson
George Anderson (United Kingdom) - bass                    

George Anderson bass player with the legendary 80's multi-award winning group Shakatak who's tune 'Nightbirds' was a global phenomenon, finally releases his solo-album 'Positivity'. Some say 'It's been a long time coming!', for George is instrumental in co-writing many of Shakatak's repertoire past and present most famously 'Day by Day' featuring grammy award winner Al Jarraeu. George was also responsible for co-writing the song 'Perfect Smile' which was a smooth-jazz radio play hit in the US for Shakatak in the 90's. The Jill Saward (Shakatak's lead singer) album 'Just for you' with the brilliant Jason Rebello on piano/keyboards was also co-written and produced by George. With these skills acquired over the years he has now composed, produced and engineered his solo album 'Positivity.' The lead track 'Lay ur hands on me' has been 'track of the week' on Jazz fm. The album continues to lay a solid foundation in the smooth-jazz market with its soulful vocal/instrumental groove vibe.

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