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Snake Davis
Snake Davis (United Kingdom) - saxophone                              

Snake Davis is one of the jazz world’s best kept secrets. A saxophonist of almost unparalleled gifts he's played with the best in the genre through a career spanning three decades. He's released nine albums of funk, soul inspired jazz. The latest is probably his most personal and intimate work to date. A combination of self-penned numbers, jazz standards and soul classics, it's an album that's happy, sad, optimistic, wistful and beautiful at the same time. A rare document of a musician on top of his game, unafraid to wear his emotions firmly on his sleeve. Brought up listening to sax heroes such as Coltrane, Parker and Sanborn, Snake soon developed a voice of his own. Bending and twisting notes in a way few can match, Snake’s sound has become instantly recognisable. Even if you're not a jazz-head, you'll have heard that sweet sax sound before. Because aside from his own projects, Snake's lent his talents to hits by Take That, Lisa Stansfield, M People; recorded on countless commercials and appears on television. He's worked with everyone from Ray Charles and Dionne Warwick to Amy Winehouse and George Michael. Snake Davis is truly a sax legend of the modern age.

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