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Al DeGregoris
Al DeGregoris (USA) - keyboards                    

Smooth Jazz keyboardist and composer Al DeGregoris can conjure up images of Oscar Peterson or Joe Sample with his cool, inventive playing. Al designed, built and operated Star Mix Recording Studios, Ltd., a commercial 48-track recording facility. During that time, Al composed, arranged and produced several Dance and Pop tracks with various vocal artists and wrote several commercial jingles including the score for a Guess Sportswear television commercial. Al performed at some of New York's hottest spots, including The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. In 2001, with guitarist Joe Bivona, Al formed the Smooth Jazz group "Deja Blue" and performed with them at many venues. Al DeGregoris is an American Song Festival Contest Winner, 2-time Billboard Magazine World Song Contest Top 500 winner and a Norwegian Cruise Lines Star Seeker winner. His original compositions meld modern Urban/Hip-Hop/Latin/Brazilian/Afro-Cuban grooves with lush compelling melodies. His newest cd is called "Three Before Midnight" (2008, Shark Music Productions).

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