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Jeff Lorber
Jeff Lorber (USA) - keyboards                              

Since the late 80s advent of the New Adult Contemporary format, composer, producer and keyboard legend Jeff Lorber has found himself filling a unique dual role. Having played a significant role in developing the late 70ís, early 80s R&B-jazz hybrid sound that later evolved into todayís smooth jazz, the keyboardist is a true elder statesman of the genre and mentor to many of this generationís top artists. After forming the Jeff Lorber Fusion he issued the group's self-titled debut in 1979. During the first half of the '80s, the popular band scored a Best R&B Instrumental Grammy nomination "Pacific Coast Highway" of the album Step by Step. Lorber did not issue his first proper solo LP until 1991's Worth Waiting For, remaining both a prolific performer and producer for the rest of the decade, and releasing successful smooth jazz albums like 2003's Philly Style and 2005's Flipside. Throughout 2004 and 2005, Lorber anchored the immensely popular tribute tour Grooviní For Grover, which featured Gerald Albright throughout its run in addition to stints by Richard Elliot, Paul Taylor and Kirk Whalum. In November, 2004, the keyboardist had a kidney transplant surgery (his wife Mink was a perfect match). True to his hardworking form, Lorber was back in action within a few weeks, performing gigs and getting back to his popular, weekly three hour radio show Lorberís Place Sunday nights on Siriusí Satellite Radioís Jazz Cafť Channel. After "He Had a Hat" was released on Blue Note in 2007, Lorber went on with a new album "Heard That". Again great songs, this time written in a modern funky R&B style with some jazzy, nostalgic sounds, bringing back Jeff's earliest music from 1979's "Water Sign"! A must have! Release date 30th of September 2008.

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