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Brian Hughes, November 24th, 2012

Brian Hughes toured in Europe during the last week of November, 2012. With his four companions in his band (Ron Powell - percussion,Tom Brechtlein - drums, Martin Sasse - keyboards and Rufus Philpot - bass) he wanted to "introduce himself to Europe" as he stated to us.
In our opinion he succeeded!

We visited him on his last night, in the very nice Jazzclub Minden (D) where we spoke to Brian before the soundcheck in the very small dressingroom!
In the background you can here some noise of the drums being tested, but that could not resisted us from having a very nice chat with this wonderful guitarplayer, Brian Hughes.

Listen to the interview
Part 1: Introducing Brian Hughes
Part 2: Influences
Part 3: Playing the guitar
Part 4: On tour and writing
Part 5: Introducing The Musicians
Part 6: Playing in USA vs Europe
Part 7: Future Plans

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