pictures ©Marijn Eland
Jonathan Fritzen, July 26th, 2011

During a short visit to Stockholm, SmoothJazz Europe met Jonathan Fritzen in his hometown. Jonathan showed us his city, as a true tourguide - although getting a bit lost! We had a great lunch and afterwards we sat down on a high terrace with a beautiful view on the Stockholm harbour. Accompanied by summer sounds, we talked about his career, living in Sweden and the USA, playing the drums or the keyboards and the ultimate dancing test for new songs. What a nice way to be in Stockholm!

Listen to the interview
Part 1: Where did it start?
Part 2: The Dancing Test
Part 3: His influences
Part 4: Discovering jazz
Part 5: Going to the USA
Part 6: Working with other musicians
Part 7: USA vs. Europe
Part 8: Discussing smooth jazz
Part 9: The Future
Part 10: Wrapping up

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